We have extensive experience with the latest techniques in numerical groundwater modeling. Send us an email at info@hydroalgorithmics.com to discuss how we can assist you with your next project.

  • Model run scripting: we have a number of in-house tools for pre- and post-processing that we apply to automate model runs and speed up otherwise lengthy manual processing tasks. For more complicated scenarios, we offer complete customized software development services.

  • Model speedup: we apply insights from our experience in developing linear and nonlinear solver code, in conjunction with improved numerical techniques and accelerated simulation code, to accelerate models with long run-times.

  • Pilot-point calibration: we have a well-established, efficient workflow for calibration of models with spatially-varying parameters, using AlgoCompute to perform highly-parametrized inversion in a short time-frame.

  • Nonlinear uncertainty analysis: we can take your existing model and adapt it for use in a Monte Carlo process for quantification of parameter uncertainty, including identification of prior and posterior distributions, probability of exceedance predictions and statistical convergence analysis.